Forward Thinking

This particular design was inspired by a parent's love for their daughter. Key points were to be able to change the twin bed to a king at some future point and add a desk and dresser to compliment the bed. We worked on a design that was not juvenile and incorporated a night lite to alleviate fears. The parents requested a cross in the design as well as addressing their daughters love of rainbows. That was quite a list.....What we did was confirmed our measurements concerning mattress sizes. What we realized is that a twin going horizontal is with in inches of a king laid vertically. So that meant it needed to be a day bed. By hinging the side panels it could be changed to the king by simply opening them up and adding night stands on both sides when the transition was made. We then created a built in night light by using the above arch and back lit the glass and iron work with LED's so it wouldn't get hot and the colors could gradually change like a rainbow and be dim-able. Our iron shop did such a beautiful job with the hand hammered scroll work and the centered cross; the finishing touch was the crown for their beautiful princess on top. We were limited in space in the room so we thought it best to combine the dresser and desk. We went with a French design in the hand carved legs and a rainbow colored rose to symbolize the Rose of Sharon, even though it's really a hibiscus the rose had so much more depth and it was just prettier for this princesses' room. I really enjoyed designing the pieces for this bedroom and the carpentry and finishing team in our manufacturing shop really made a girl's dream come true ...

Country: United States
Zip Code: 76034