Mack Attack

'We want our house to be an explosion of color!!!' That's the first direction I was given by our clients when arriving at this property in Southern California. She's an avid collector of Mackenzie Child's pieces, so that's where I took my cue. We wanted her to have a home that would reflect her love of pattern and color. The second direction I received was 'we want you to have a lot of fun with this project.' So the Emmanuel Design Group team sought out to bring whimsy and fun to this home. We wanted it to be eye-catching with crazy patterning and to be an instant conversation starter and absolutely fun to see!!! From the upholstered pieces we manufactured in our Dallas shop to the hand painted walls and ceilings, every time you look, you notice something new.....The first two photos are after and before, the following are before and after or a captured moment in the creation of the project. In the end the clients loved it and we really did have a lot of fun!!!

Country: United States
Southern California