What Makes A House A Home

One could tell that this kitchen was professionally designed. However, after the family had lived in the home for two years they decided it didn't feel finished. They asked Emmanuel Design Group to come out to look at it and come up with a plan.

The first thing we noted was the cabinetry above the range needed more. We needed to design and craft a focal point for the kitchen. We custom carved a piece inspired by pipe organ coverings from fifteenth century European churches. To really personalize it, we hand carved three crowns on it that bear the engraved name of each of their three children. At another place on the piece the Alpha and Omega symbol was carved with a winged lion which represents our Lord's Kingship. This piece accomplished what we set out to achieve, to give a strong focal point, and it definitely is a conversation piece that will always have rich family history. To finish the look, we sketched a classical quatrefoil pattern for the tile backsplash behind the range and hand printed and finished them to give it a stronger feel. Finally we refinished the cabinetry and added forged iron hardware manufactured in our iron shop.

Emmanuel Design Group was pleased to be able to give this family the finished feeling they desired in decorating their home. Special touches that give strong focal points and tie in what matters most to a family are what truly make a house a home.

Country: United States
Zip Code: 76262